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Meet your Teachers


Ellie Moss

Ellie, is yoga teacher in Milton Keynes and Bucks.

Ellie specialises in Rocket Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, Hatha and Breathwork.

A former gymnastics coach and wellbeing journalist turned Yoga Teacher, Breathing Coach and trainee Personal Trainer

Ellie came to yoga many years ago as part of her work as a wellness journalist. As a former gymnast and gymnastics coach, in the first instance, the asana (physical/postural) practice held a strong appeal, but over time became a gateway to a much deeper practice - sometimes dynamic, sometimes restorative, but always rooted in breath and yogic tradition.

Andrea Meek

Andrea is a yoga teacher based in Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard.

She has completed over five hundred hours of training wich include Hot, Rocket, Ashtanga, Power, Hatha, Therapeutic, Yin and Wheel yoga.

Andrea is also trained in Sound Healing, ofering monthly Sound Baths at her coffee shop in Leighton Buzzard.

As  a trainee PT, Andrea enjoys everything fitness (ok almost  everything) and being upsidedown too!


Sam Mooney

Sam began her yoga journey in her early 20s during a battle with mental health difficulties.

 The yoga practice gave Sam "a freedom my head wasn’t allowing me to have at the time". Sam chose to understand the practice deeper and became a Yoga teacher in 2019, initially training in hot yoga.

Since then, she has trained in a variety of styles such as Yoga Therapeutics, Rocket, and more recently, paddle-board yoga. 

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